The Future Park Forum


Japanese Room
Glyn Davis Building
Parkville Campus, University of Melbourne

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The Future Park Forum offers an ‘academic’ recovery day which allows academics, PhD students, government, and practitioners to reflect further on ‘The Square and the Park’ conference discussions. The Forum provides the chance to hear more from featured conference speakers including Julia Czerniak, Jacky Bowring, Huicheng Zhong and the creative directors, along with a selection of sharp provocations from a mix of academics and practitioners.

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12.30-12.45 - Introduction
Kirsten Bauer, Cassandra Chilton, Jillian Walliss

12.45-1.30 - A conversation about the forces influencing contemporary parks
Julia Czerniak in conversation with Kirsten Bauer (ASPECT) and Catherine Evans (UNSW)

1.30-2.30 - Park Three Ways
chaired by Wendy Walls (UoM)

A sharp discussion about three contemporary models of park.

  • CHRISTCHURCH — Jacky Bowring (Lincoln University, NZ)
  • SHANGHAI — Huicheng Zhong (D+H Lab)
  • MOSCOW — Jillian Walliss (UoM)

2.30-3.00 - Afternoon Tea

3.00-4.00 - A Focus on Melbourne
chaired by Bronwen Hamilton (OVGA)

Working across strategy, design and management, the panel will discuss some of the pressing issues facing public open space in Melbourne.

  • Fran Horsley (DELWP) Achieving the New Metropolitan Open Space Strategy
  • Claire Martin (Oculus) Landscape Ordinance - the new public space mandate
  • Brent Green (RMIT) Revisiting Birrarung Marr

4.00-500 - Speculations
chaired by Cassandra Chilton (Rush Wright)

  • Wendy Walls (UoM): The indoor-outdoor divide: parks as hybrid climatic spaces
  • Alice Lewis (RMIT): Citizen Led Management Systems
  • Duncan Gibbs & Ata Tara (RMIT) :Occupying Transience
  • Peter Connelly (VUW, NZ): Contemporary design has only tentatively embraced the world

5.00 - Closing Remarks
Please join us at The Future Park Competition public lecture (and exhibition party) which will be held at 6.30pm in the Melbourne School of Design.

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