Positioning the Global South in Built Environments Curriculum

James Connor

ABP Research Seminar Series 2022: Positioning the global south in Built Environments Curriculum

ABP Research Seminar Series 2022: Positioning the Global South in Built Environments Curriculum

Internationalising the curriculum will diversify disciplinary perspectives broadening students’ knowledge base and skills-set to support their future employability and careers.

The objective is to foster agency in all students and support their intellectual pursuits, helping them develop critical abilities in approaching international environments. This also entails valuing the cultural knowledge and experience international academics and our international students bring and contribute to diversifying our teaching and learning environments, fostering mutually respectful interactions and generating a positive sense of place in our Faculty community and the broader University.

This is seminar is #2 in the Series focusing on Southeast Asia. This seminar is organised in collaboration with the Colour Diversity Group.

Please note:
This seminar will be held in‐person in the Japanese Room, Level 4, Glyn Davis Building, University of Melbourne (45 seats only), and also streamed online via Zoom webinar - please ensure you select your preferred ticket type when registering.

About the panel

Presentation 1 & 2: Defamiliarising ‘Design’: Towards Socio-Spatial Interrogations of Built Environments
Dr Sidh Sintusingha
is a Senior Lecturer and Landscape Architecture Program Coordinator in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, Melbourne School of Design, the University of Melbourne.
Before joining academia, he practiced as an architect and landscape architect in Thailand and Australia. He researches on socio-cultural, environmental and scalar issues relating to urbanisation and the speculation of retrofits towards urban sustainability in Southeast Asian cities. He recently co-edited a book (2021) on bottom-up country experiences of the Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI) and co-authored an article (2021) in Journal of Urban Design with Ross King, “Nationalism and urban design: the parliament houses of Canberra and Bangkok.”

Dr Amanda Achmadi is Senior Lecturer in Architectural Design, Asian Architecture and Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne.

Amanda teaches and coordinates undergraduate subject Studio Gamma and the master level elective Architecture as Spectacle and has contributed to Design Thesis studio teaching since 2014. In collaboration with Sidh Sintusingha, she has delivered two international travelling studios to Indonesia, a joint teaching program with ITB (2015 and 2019) and University of Stuttgart (2019.) She is interested in the interactions between built forms, socio-spatial practices, and identity politics. Her main research focus is the built landscape of colonial and postcolonial Indonesia and Asia Pacific. She is a founding member of the Society of Architectural and Urban Historians of Asia (SAUH-Asia) and affiliated with the InfUR (Informal Urbanism) research hub and the ACAHUCH of the University of Melbourne. Between 2015-2017, she was the convenor of the Indonesia Forum, a cross university network of academics and students who are working on Indonesian related topics.

Presentation 3: Internationalising design theory: how advancing my knowledge base and going beyond my comfort zone has extended my research and enhanced my teaching practice
Dr Jillian Walliss
is an Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne.
Through research, writing and design teaching Jillian has contributed significantly to the theoretical advancement of landscape architecture, including curating the Future Park Design Ideas competition (2019), and publishing the Digital Technologies and Landscape Architecture: reconceptualising design and making (2016) and The Big Asian Book of Landscape Book of Landscape Architecture (2020)


Dr Derlie Mateo-Babiano is Associate Professor in Urban Planning and currently, Assistant Dean, Diversity and Inclusion at the Melbourne School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, the University of Melbourne. Passionate about advancing positive transport- and place-based change, she teaches/coordinates the undergraduate subject urban Design for People and Places as well as the master-level subjects Cities without Slums and Placemaking for the Built Environment. She is part of the award-winning Place Agency consortium and convened the Women in Transport Leadership Knowledge Network www.witl.info.

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