TOI-T (C): Antoine Vaxelaire (UK)

Lecture 5 AA School
  • AA Visiting School Online Lecture

18:00h Melbourne

Antoine Vaxelaire is an architect, educator and creative advisor. Antoine graduated from the Architectural Association with Honours in 2013. Since then he has worked in architecture studios in London, Brussels, Zurich, Tokyo and Mexico City. In 2016 he co-founded TOIT, a creative consultancy studio based in Barcelona. In addition to his practice Antoine is a Diploma Unit tutor at the AA School of Architecture and a creative advisor for retail and entertainment companies in Barcelona.

In 2020 Antoine co-founded Pantopia, an online educational accelerator powered by spatial thinking. The platform exposes territorial and institutional crises through spatial diagnostics and design proposals.


Image Credit: Chloé Hudson (@Chloe.hudson_)


This lecture is part of the 2020 AA Visiting School: New Paper elective,  a two-week intensive online design studio introducing students to contemporary digital design techniques, toolsets and workflows, striving for innovation in design resolution.

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