Urban Geography Workshop on Creativity and the Built Environment Nexus

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Japanese Room, Level 4, Glyn Davis Building (Melbourne School of Design), Masson Rd, University of Melbourne Parkville, VIC 3010

Urban Geography Workshop on Creativity and the Built Environment Nexus

Tue 12th July @ 9.00am-1.00pm: PhD and Early Career Forum

Wed 13th July @ 9.00am-5.00pm: Workshop

Venue: Room 401 (Japanese Room), Glyn Davis Building, University of Melbourne, Australia

You are hereby invited to attend the Urban Geography workshop on the Creativity and the Built Environment Nexus, generously supported by the journal Urban Geography and the Melbourne School of Design.

This hybrid and free-to-attend workshop aims to bridge disciplinary divides in critically debating the reciprocal relationship between creativity and the built environment, which is ever more complex and fluid during (and post) the pandemic. It will provide a venue for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to theorise and operationalise their interfaces across multiple scales, geographies, methodologies, and temporalities.

A PhD and Early Career Forum (register here)  on the 12th will kick-start this 1.5-day workshop and focus on three meta-themes:

  • Economy, Productivity and Technology
  • Society, Institutions and Culture
  • Environment and Sustainability

The whole-day workshop on the 13th features a keynote speech from Professor Sharon Zukin, who will revisit SoHo in lower Manhattan, an artists' district that inspired her seminal book Loft Living. Renowned plenary speakers from North America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia will further explore and debate on the workshop's major themes across four sessions.

Workshop Programme

9.00am-10.00am AEST MSD Public Lecture by Prof Sharon Zukin 
*Who 'Lost' SoHo?  Art and Real Estate in Urban Redevelopment
                                                                                      Morning Tea Break 10am-10.20am
10.20-11.40 Session 1: Innovation Influencers
10.20am-10.40am Prof Mark Wilson (Michigan State University, US)
*Disruption, Trust and the Selling of Innovation
10.40am-11.00am Prof James Dunn (McMaster University, Canada)
*Public housing redevelopment: What impacts should we expect from ‘engineered’ social mix?
11.00am-11.20am Prof HaeRan Shin (Seoul National University)
*Memory, conflicting creativity and built Environment in the making in Gwangju
                                                                                     Morning Tea Break 11.40am-12.00am
12.00am-1.00pm Session 2: Future making
12.00pm-12.20pm A/Prof Alice Comi (Tongji University)
*Future making and design
12.20pm-12.40pm A/Prof Daniel Huppatz (Swinburn University)
*Designing the Iconic Campus
12.40pm-1.00pm Prof Tan Yigitcanlar (QUT)
*Artificial Intelligence in Local Governments
                                                                                      Lunch Break 1pm-2pm
2.00pm-3.20pm Session 3: Design sustainability
2.00pm-2.20pm Prof Matti Siemiatycki (Toronto University)
*Realizing a collaborative advantage through Creative mixed-use buildings
2.20pm-2.40pm Prof Sarah Bell (UoM)
*Co-designing Infrastructures: working with communities to create resilient cities
2.40pm-3.00pm Prof Wendy Steele (RMIT)
*Hot Cities: Policy Innovation and Public Pedagogy in Climate Change
                                                                                  Afternoon tea break 3.20pm-3.40pm
3.40-5.00 Session 4: Creativity in the making
3.40pm-4.00pm Prof Dan Hill (UoM)
*“Art is everything you don’t have to do”: Speculative design for creative neighbourhoods, foundational economies and regenerative environments
4.00pm-4.20pm Prof Andy Pratt (City University, London)
*The urban cultural and creative economy, a shift of perspective: from consumption to production
4.20pm-4.40pm Profs Robert Kloosterman & Jochem de Vries (University of Amsterdam)
*Inserting niche and mainstream cultural amenities in the existing built environment: Planning lessons from the Netherland

Morning/afternoon tea, lunch and networking opportunities will be provided for all in-person attendees. Registration is essential.

Organisers: Julie Miao; Nicholas Phelps; Michele Acuto; Daniel de O. Vasconcelos; Zhiyuan Li

Enquiry: julie.miao@unimelb.edu.au; d.deoliveiravasconcelos@unimelb.edu.au