Urban Social Housing Lecture with Verena Lindenmayer (EM2N)

Join for us an online lecture with architect Verena Lindenmayer from EM2N, an architectural practice based in Zurich, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany. The lecture will be moderated by Dr Djordje Stojanovic, Senior Lecturer in Architectural Design for the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.

EM2N strives to open up to the diverse dynamism of the city and its inhabitants, to appreciate the qualities of its past and to continue the present self-confidently. In doing this we trust that, thanks to the means and collective knowledge it possesses, architecture can arrive at its specific form, also in the present day. As EM2N accepts the complexity of contemporary society and the city with a sceptical optimism and makes this an integral part of its architectural work, we represent a kind of idealistic pragmatism.