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Dulux Gallery (North), Melbourne School of Design

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The practice of Architecture is fundamentally journey driven. Perceived destinations like houses and skyscrapers are simply waystations, crescendos of madness and moments of stillness along the continuing path. Architecture is the discussion about place, the drawings for a building, the built product and the outcomes of better place that flows through that form. Architecture is not an end goal, it is not ‘finishable’ and Architects are bound to practice until the cannot any longer. Architecture is a process. A cultivated weaving of our cultures and crafts.

It is a study and reflection on society, culture and people. It is playing at your very best, with passion and intensity and courage and reverence. It is understanding and awareness- of your brief, your environment, your urgency to present the future. It is an ambition to inspire, to challenge and enrich, to question and learn and test and reflect and create and immerse your Self in experience. It is a calling to travel and explore, to discover and pioneer, to advocate and prospect and conjure and transform and to conduct a little joy. University of Melbourne Architecture Alumni Dylan Brady is the Conductor of Decibel Architecture. This exhibition explores his journey in architecture through a selection of sketches, and not through a chronological list of “then I did’s”. For that, you can come to the lecture, and probably look at the website

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