Fabrication Workshop

The Fabrication Workshop provides access to advanced fabrication and 3D printing technologies. This up-to-date facility supports hands-on learning to explore the way we make buildings.

3D Printer in action: A time-lapse of a student's 3D model being printed.

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The FabLab

The FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) provides a bureau fabrication service to students.

Jobs can be submitted to be processed on CNC milling, laser cutting or 3D printing machinery operated by experienced FabLab technicians. The FabLab also maintains and manages equipment for students to operate themselves such as the 3D printers in the Forbo Model Making Space.

The FabLab is open from 10am – 3pm Monday to Friday during each semester and will extend hours of operation during busy periods of each semester.

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The Robot Lab

The Robot Lab extends the Fabrication Workshop’s engagement with advanced fabrication technologies.

The Robot Lab extends the Fabrication Workshop’s engagement with advanced fabrication technologies. Using industrial robot arms, the Robot Lab creates a next generation platform for experimentation, speculation and research into the future of architecture and construction. The Robot Lab is specifically designed to foster hands-on collaborative experimentation with equipment and processes.

The Robot Lab is strategically located in the centre of the Fabrication Workshop and is comprised of two ABB IRB 1200 industrial robot arms, housed in custom made safety cells, and two ABB IRB 120 industrial robot arms, housed in custom mobile safety cells enabling the robots to be used anywhere in the MSD building.

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Machine Workshop

The Machine Workshop is the hands-on construction zone. It is equipped with a range of power tools and hand tools from high-powered table saws to hand-driven timber planers.

These facilities and tools expand the making options for students, further supported by access to experienced workshop staff if assistance is needed.

The Machine Workshop is divided into two spaces. The Workshop Studio (G23), which also houses the Robot Lab, where students have access to a range of hand tools and small power tools which are not suitable for use in the Model Making Space. The Machine Workshop (G24) room contains the fixed equipment and larger power tools. This equipment may only be operated under the supervision of the Machine Workshop Technicians.

The Machine Workshop is open 1pm – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday (required training must be completed to gain access).

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Print and Media Hub

The Print & Media Hub provide facilities for the production of imagery and printed material within the Melbourne School of Design.

This covers day-to-day printing requirements all the way to full-colour banner printing of presentations, photography and video editing. Students can contact staff members at the Fabrication Workshop.

Print & Media Hub

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