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for Academic Staff

Curriculum Engagement

Subject Development

The Fabrication Workshop can provide advice and expertise to staff members looking to develop new subjects with a core focus relating to services in either the Machine Workshop or Digital Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab). If you are interested in developing a subject with us, please contact


Subject Support

The Fabrication Workshop offers support to Subject Coordinators looking to directly engage students with Fabrication Workshop services as part of the curriculum. Consultations are available to provide advice on how best to integrate the appropriate machinery/techniques and help students learn and employ them for their own uses.

The Fabrication Workshop Support Application form has been provided to help staff consider some of the logistical and operational requirements needed to support their students. This also assists the Fabrication Workshop staff in the consultation processes, and in accommodating the subject aims within the Workshops daily operations.


Workshop Introduction Sessions

The Fabrication Workshop provides introductory sessions for the various services we provide. This can range from lecture presentations and tutorials to machine demonstrations. The Fabrication Workshop can also prepare a digital package for students covering OH&S procedures, machine guidelines and checklists. Subject coordinators looking to engage with the machines in the Fabrication Workshop are encouraged to discuss with the Fabrication Workshop staff how these sessions could be tailored to suit their subjects needs. If you are interested to find out more about the workshop introductory sessions, please contact


Large Format Printing

The Fabrication Workshop provides large format printing for faculty staff members. If you have a poster that needs to be printed, please email with 1) PDF of poster, 2) Account code for print charging and 3) Name and email of account code bearer. The pricelist for printing can be found in the Printroom Guidelines. Please note there is a 24 hour turnover for prints.

Consultation & Prototyping

Fabrication Workshop staff have experience across a wide range of fabrication processes, and are constantly engaging with and exploring new techniques. Faculty members requiring advice on fabrication issues are encouraged to consult with us on your project. This is to assist us on planning with you how best to excute the project. Faculty members can also access the Fabrication Workshop services for the creation of prototypes, ranging from small 3D printed parts through to 1:1 building assemblies. If you require a consultation or are looking to create a prototype, please contact