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General Information

The services offered by the Fabrication Workshop have applications in fields extending well beyond the Melbourne School of Design, 3D printing in particular is becoming a core asset to many areas of research. Interfaculty collaboration has ranged from VCA members accessing fabrication services and advice to medical students creating both 3D scans and prints of bones.


Research & Fabrication Services

Students and staff of other faculties can access the Fabrication Workshop services for the production of prototypes, teaching aids, models etc.The Fabrication Workshop can also aid University staff members with the design and fabrication of bespoke equipment and parts. This could range from a custom designed and built platform for a telescope or fabricating replacement parts for broken equipment. 

University members engaging in research related to services offered by the Fabrication Workshop are encouraged to contact


Model Design and Repair

The Fabrication workshop offers assistance to Researchers and Academics in designing models for fabrication, or repairing a model which may be causing issues with fabrication.

If you feel you may require this service, please contact