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Architects, Engineers & Designers

One way in which the MSD Fabrication Workshop aims to expand the use of design through making beyond the University environment is by providing fabrication services to the broader community. Architects, engineers and individual designers can access Fabrication Workshop services for the production of scale models, prototypes, or custom design items. Available services include, but are not limited to, laser cutting, 3D printing and CNC milling.

If you feel you may require this service, please contact


Project Collaboration

The Fabrication Workshop has participated in a number of projects in the wider community and is constantly seeking more opportunities for involvement outside of the academic environment. Within the Fabrication Laboratory, our experienced staff are constantly involved with exploring new and innovative techniques and digital fabrication processes.

If you are interested in collaborating with us on a project or exploring new modes of design and making, please contact


Public Workshops

Introductory sessions

The Fabrication Workshop runs introductory session to the various fabrication equipment and processes in the workshop. These sessions create an accessible starting point for members of the public wishing to learn more about the services on offer, or how to engage with these techniques for their own work. Topics covered include both the basic operation of the equipment as well as workflow considerations such as correct file setup and good design-for-fabrication practices.Introductory sessions are available for, but not limited to, Laser cutting, 3D Printing and CNC Milling.

To enquire about introductory sessions or to arrange a session with us, contact


Intensive workshops

The Fabrication Workshop runs intensive workshops. These workshops focus on a specific fabrication technique and/or technology. Past workshops have ranged from working with bamboo to create a large-scale installation for the St. Kilda Festival, to parametric techniques for designing and fabricating bent-wire sculptures. Workshops are organised and taught by experts within the field and supported by experienced Fabrication Workshop technicians.

To enquire about intensive workshops, or to arrange a session on a particular fabircation topic, contact


Affiliations & Engagement

The Fabrication Workshop aims to connect with other groups both locally and internationally, through an affiliated network of other public and institutional fabrication facilities, Maker/Hacker-spaces, research groups and individual designers. This is supported by local events such as the Open Workshop series, as well as sharing of research and project collaboration.

Open Workshop Series

The Open Workshop events are designed to encourage collaboration within the wider fabrication community. They create an opportunity for designers and makers to network, share experiences and keep up to date with the latest fabrication trends. The Events may be coordinated with exhibitions, creating a format to showcase and explore the rich output of work from both the University and community. Open Workshops also give the public an opportunity to come and explore the Fabrication Workshop in person, watch some of our digital fabrication technologies in action and talk to our Workshop staff. 

To enquire about Open Workshop events, contact