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Fusion M2 40 Laser Cutter

Epilog Fusion M2 40
FabLab Office (Room G18)
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Laser cutters direct the output of a high-power laser, controlled by computer, at the material to be cut. The laser then either melts, burns or vaporizes the material leaving a cut or etched edge. The accuracy of the laser is extremely precise which allows for incredible detail and intricate models. Laser cutters are also capable of burning images into the material also known as rastering. The FabLab has 1 Epilog Fusion M2 40 laser cutters capable of cutting to dimensions of 1016mm x 711mm.

Video of Operation

Raster -

Kerfing -

Lace -

Health and Safety

The Epilog Fusion M2 40 laser cutter is only operated by trained FabLab technicians.

Operation Instructions

Workmanship Considerations

  • The university laser cutters are the most highly utilised equipment in the FabLab processing over a thousand jobs each semester. Production peaks towards assignment deadlines and as such processing times inevitably increase. Therefore it is recommended to submit jobs well in advance of any deadlines as FabLab cannot guarantee a completion date/time.
  • Students are free to bring in their own material, but it must be accompanied by a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).