Future Prototyping

Future Prototyping 2020 virtual collection inspects, questions and showcases how the power of making is highly relevant in the 21st century.
It collates 36 international projects across multiple disciplines from architecture to engineering, food, product design, fashion and perfumery. Future Prototyping is an investigation of making, with a focus on, ideas, novelty and the potential for future impact in design.
Curated by Dr Paul Loh (MSD), Mond Qu (United Make) and David Leggett (LLDS)

Making a prototype provides a means to experiment, design and evaluate an idea, or a concept. What it does is to make the future visible. While most prototypes are physical artefact, it can also be virtual and come in a multitude of media that challenge our senses:  in the form of sound, touch, smell, sight and taste. Most critically, they challenge our current views of our world and the ideal of our future society.

This virtual collection provides glimpses into the 36 projects which were staged as a physical exhibition at the Melbourne School of Design, Dulux Gallery as part of Melbourne Design Week 2020. Accompanying the collection is a published catalogue edited by Dr Paul Loh, Mond Qu and David Leggett, with foreword by Professor Jane Burry. Dr Paul Loh synthesised the design research through prototyping in a short essay on Thinking through Making.

Future Prototyping Exhibition Guided Tour

Curator, Dr Paul Loh from the Melbourne School of Design, guides us around the Future Prototyping Exhibition.

Exhibited Works

Exhibition Catalogue

Watch a preview of the Future Prototyping exhibition catalogue by curator, Dr Paul Loh.

Download catalogue (3.3mb)