Oddish-Tectonic Grounds

Oddish: Tectonic Grounds


An Interactive Forest of Flowers.

What if your environment could speak to you? What will it say? What stories will it tell?

Oddish is a blooming interactive installation that is light responsive and looks at a new future of interactive environments. Using light sensors, highly intricate lasercut perspex and coding in logic within the structure the prototype starts to have a conversation with people, spaces and lights. To get a reaction from Oddish wave your phone light across the face of a flower and see it blossom. Be gentle and don’t poke it, this is a sensitive species. This interactive installation is a prototype to future responsive environments that will respond and react to different inputs. The project is a collaboration with Cube Zero and the elective subject Tectonic Grounds at the Melbourne School of Design.


Tectonic Grounds, Melbourne School of Design
United Make
Cube Zero

Image: Tectonic Grounds Exhibition.