Onur Tumturk

Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Onur is an urban designer and researcher focusing on the adaptive capacity and resilience of urban form and space through morphological investigations. His further research interests include contemporary urban design theory, urban morphology, complexity theories and socio-ecological thinking in urbanism.

He is a casual design studio tutor at MSD and teaching urban and architectural design. Having received his Bachelor’s degree on urbanism and M.Sc. degree on urban design at METU, he worked as a teaching assistant and participated urban planning and design studios at the same university.

Thesis: Resilient Urban Form and Space: Designing Urban Grids for Change

The research is about the adaptability of urban grids which are acknowledged by far the most common form of spatial organization in cities and an ‘open form’ generating various future possibilities which are not imagined before. Exploration of how different urban grids respond urban growth and change processes by means of which morphological qualities and formation mechanisms is the main field of inquiry of the study. The research utilizes the theoretical frameworks of complex adaptive systems, socio-ecological resilience and urban morphology; and conducts an extensive comparative case study research including Melbourne, Barcelona, New York and Hong Kong.


  • Urban Design, Urban Planning, Urban Morphology

Principal supervisor


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