Rewa Marathe

Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Rewa is currently a PhD student in the urban planning discipline at the Melbourne School of Design at the University of Melbourne. She has a Bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Technology of Madhya Pradesh and a Masters degree in urban planning from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Prior to moving to Melbourne for her PhD, Rewa worked with the National Institute of Urban Affairs (Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs) in Delhi as part of the NIUA-CIDCO Smart City Lab.

Thesis: Feminists Speak Binary: Examining the role of digital technology in the feminist advocacy for women’s right to the city.

Rewa’s work explores the landscape of feminist advocacy as it evolves with the increasing access to and use of digital technology. Her research is focused on a single case-study of a social enterprise, Safetipin and their work in the city of Delhi over the last seven years in advancing women’s right to the city. Safetipin uses a smart phone-based application to crowdsource data on women’s experiences of sexual harassment, assault and even fear in and around the city of Delhi. The data is then used in a variety of ways by Safetipin and its partner agencies to address violence against women in public spaces. The purpose of Rewa’s work is to understand how this effort is made different from the work done before in addressing violence against women, because of the use of digital technology. This work sits at the nexus of practice and academic research, producing recommendations for the advocacy groups in Delhi, while attempting to contribute to the theoretical debate on the increasing use of digital technology in our lives.


  • Urban Planning

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