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The Hugh O’Neill Fund

For over thirty years Hugh was the first year coordinator at the Faculty, which is now called the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning. During this time, he helped found the enthusiasm and careers of many of you.

Dear Benefactors,

Thank you very much for the opportunity, my sincere and utmost gratitude to you all for the award. It gives me much motivation to continue to work hard and be inspired in my work, and to do my best and always be mindful of the responsibility of doing good design work. As I am about to graduate my Bachelor’s degree, I have been trying to save up some money to continue my Master’s degree in London, and this scholarship will certainly help me with that. Thank you very much once again, my sincere gratitude to you all.

Best regards, Eugene
Jingwen Eugene Kua, winner of the inaugural Hugh O'Neill Scholarship


Hugh wasn’t just an educator, he took a personal approach to his role, and became friend, confidant and adviser to many, particularly overseas students, and more particularly those from Indonesia. Even now, Hugh continues to support and guide current students, and is actively involved with Faculty events.

To honour Hugh and the community he has helped to create, the Faculty asked if we could raise funds in his name with the intention of giving an annual award or scholarship to future students of the Faculty in recognition of Hugh and those he influenced.

We are delighted Hugh accepted and hope you will consider joining the community by supporting future students of the Faculty through the Hugh O’Neill Fund. The award will support the work of a student majoring in Architecture at the Undergraduate level who has excelled in one or more subjects relating to design or architectural heritage. It will make a significant difference to talented undergraduate students like Eugene on their educational and professional journey.

Andrew Middleton
Development Manager, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

You can support the Hugh O'Neill Fund and our future students through this online giving form.


As an educator in Asian architecture, Hugh is unequalled in Australia. He introduced the wonders of Asian architecture to the classroom, and I was among the students who profited enormously from this exposure to what was to most of us a completely unknown topic.

As a consequence of Hugh’s course, I went on to pursue a PhD in Indian archaeology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Others deserve to be inspired in the same way, and enjoy the same opportunities.
Dr George Michell, BArch (1968), DArch (2013)


A message from Hugh

The MSD asked to recognise me and our community with an award, which leads me to ponder our friendships over more than sixty years and your generous support for candidates from our region has been superb.

My experiences before entering the course related to my father's involvement in aeroplane technology in England 1917-18, radar in Papua New Guinea in 1944, his pioneering work with his father in electrical engineering and lift manufacturing, as well as his presidency of the Studley Park Progress Association! My mother was a teacher.

When the Volunteer Graduate Scheme to Indonesia was set up at the University in 1953, it seemed a great alternative to spend two years as a public servant designing and teaching in Java. Australian attitudes towards Asian communities were changing as they emerged from war and European colonial rule. Opportunities for them to study here under the Colombo Plan also took off.

In 1951 there were about 25 of us entering the Faculty, almost half from our region: India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaya, Indonesia and Hong Kong. By 1963 there were 22 in a group of 141. Having taught at two institutions in Bandung 1958-60, the challenges co-ordinating first year studies for some 16 hours a week – Design, Graphics, and the new compulsory 2nd year Asian Architecture – seemed possible!

Professor Lewis's enthusiasm for building practice and interactive learning – construction at Mt Martha, Archi Revues and faculty football – reflected his focus on preparation for professional life. I had been lucky to work in the Faculty drawing office in 1954, employed by lecturers Raymond Berg and Hubert Waugh in preparing working drawings for International House in Royal Parade.

Whichever way you look at it the throngs of students in our new MSD Building still clamour for such experiences – filtered through other systems.

Very generous gifts are being celebrated within the building fabric but I am delighted that such memories have led you to offer support for less fortunate people from Our Region.

Dr Hugh O'Neill, BArch(1956), DArch (2013)

As first year design master, Hugh opened our minds to ways of seeing and responding to the worlds of colour, light, shape, texture, movement, sound, balance and space.

His inspirational teaching, guidance and encouragement has left an indelible mark on a generation of students of architecture and allied fields.

Along with many of my peers, I cherish the memory of those studio days in the Nissen huts and thank Hugh for his edifying enlightenment.
Maggie Edmond, BArch(1969), DArch(2015)


Supporters of the Hugh O’Neill Fund

ABP Commencing Class of 1964 Reunion CommitteeSusan BaldersonJohn S Castles AM
Allan CollierCarl Davis & Diana DavisMaggie Edmond
Leon FinkJohn GollingsDavid Grutzner
Louise HarmsGeorge HatzisavasHendrajaya Isnaeni
Helen JessupHank Koning & Julie EizenbergJohn Lamb
Trevor LeeSusan LeetonTimothy Lindsey
Harcourt LongAndrea MacdonaldJames Macneil

Grant Marani

Kenneth Marshman

Dennis Martin

George Michell

Andrew Middleton & Clare Harper

Andrew Middleton & Carole Middleton

Emanuel Moraitis

Patricia Morton & Bruce Morton

Anna Mow
Dario NordioEwan OgilvyAlan Pentland
Richard PetersonMargaret PittJohn Rogers & Margot Rogers
Anna RubboKelvin SteelDeborah White


Hugh O'Neill brought an infectious charisma to his undergraduates which in my case led to a lifelong friendship of support, guidance and shared projects across South East Asia.

His contacts and knowledge were a key to an inclusive approach to scholarship which materially added to a rewarding reciprocal relationship between Australia and other Asian nations. He is positive and generous in all his dealings and his knowledge of Asian history is encyclopedic.

I could not have done without his collaboration from Japan, Indonesia, China, India, Cambodia and Thailand to local Melbourne.

He is the ultimate scholar as far I can see!
John Gollings


You can support the Hugh O'Neill Fund and our future students through this online giving form (credit card) or by filling out and sending in this online giving form (credit card/money order/cheque).