Elly Chatfield


I am a Gamillaroi Woman from North West New South Wales, a single mother of two and a grandmother. I draw on the peace of mind that spending time on Country gives me. My art work explores the living essence of landscape. My connection to the land and my sense of belonging is the narrative by which I live my life.

As my pathway was interrupted by the Stolen Generations issues, my art work is my link to who I am and where I fit in the world. I have had to peel back the raw layers of emotion and find a niche where I can create my own unique Sense Of Belonging. I believe that my spirit is bound by a thread that links me directly to my Family and Ancestors. I have within me, stories that are waiting to be told through images and words. Below are online links to the Living Black story/teasers. These show my journey back to family and self.

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