Francoise Lane


Francoise Lane is a Torres Strait Islander woman whose maternal family are from Hammond Island. She is married to Andrew Lane and together they are Indij Design; a 100% indigenous owned architectural and interior design practice based in Cairns and operating since 2011. In 2013 Francoise developed Indij Prints inspired by her connection to the Torres Strait Islands. “I’m instinctively drawn to subjects whereby patterns can create their own ‘energy’ on a canvas. As an example ‘Sardines under the Wharf’ on a large canvas creates a visual play of movement, like the stylised fish are swimming. I continue to create artworks for surface pattern adaption around themes inspired by the moths and butterflies, indigenous rainforest plants, and aquatic life of Tropical Queensland.”

Just text or email Francoise for the code to view her digital gallery. With an interest in supporting indigenous arts and community Francoise undertook curatorial contract work with UMI Arts at the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival’s Cape York Acquisitive Art Award 2017 and artwork is included in the Sea Walls Australia Tropical Queensland touring exhibition 2018.

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