Professor Julie Willis


Professor Julie Willis commenced in the role as Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning in November 2016. Prior to this, Professor Willis was Pro Vice‐Chancellor (Research) at the University of Melbourne from June 2013. Professor Willis is also a Professor of Architecture in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning and has previously held positions including Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty.

In her role as Pro Vice‐Chancellor (Research Capability), Professor Willis worked with other senior members of the university's research community and with Associate Deans (Research) across all faculties of the University to support and enhance research performance, and to recruit and support outstanding researchers at all levels. Professor Willis has a particular interest in the research needs of the humanities, social sciences and creative arts research fields.

Professor Willis is an authority on the history of Australian architecture 1890‐1950 and has undertaken significant projects researching the development of modern hospital architecture in Australia; the importance of public buildings in community, civic and national identity; architecture during wartime and its subsequent impact on practice and production; and equity and diversity in the Australian architectural profession. She is currently involved in major projects examining the development of intercolonial architectural networks and the design of hospitals and their positive effect on patient wellbeing. Major works include the Encyclopedia of Australian Architecture (with Philip Goad, CUP 2012); with Kate Darian‐Smith, the edited collection Designing Schools: Space, Place and Pedagogy (Routledge, 2017); and the forthcoming Architecture and the Modern Hospital: Nosokomeion to Hygeia (Routledge 2018). Professor Willis is past editor of the refereed journal Fabrications, now a member of its editorial board, a member of the advisory board of Architectural Theory Review and editorial board member of The Conversation.

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