Mentor our students

The ABP 2018 Pilot Mentoring Program aims to assist female Master of Construction students with their career decision-making process, and enable a smooth transition from tertiary study to professional life.

Please note that applications for this program have now closed. However, please stay tuned and watch your inbox for a notification about an exciting, faculty-wide mentoring program coming online in early August.


  • Mentors and construction students are matched broadly by professional interest
  • The program will run throughout semester two (30 July to 19 October)
  • Mentors and students are recommended to meet at least 3 times during the semester
  • Mentors help familiarize students with their area of work and the career options available to construction graduates
  • Mentors are encouraged to share their decision-making processes in choosing a career path and their experiences throughout their career
  • Both parties observe confidentiality and a professional and ethical standard of behaviour, including adhering to occupational health and safety requirements.

Meetings with your student might include:

  • Conversations regarding work/study/construction matters
  • Providing a sounding board regarding career planning and development
  • Discussing the benefits of extracurricular opportunities
  • Introducing your student to colleagues and professional network
  • Work shadowing if appropriate (observing)

Benefits of getting involved

Connection with the University of Melbourne and its community of academics and students allows the mentor to:

  • Contribute to the development of the next generation of employees
  • Learn and engage with fresh perspectives
  • Share their knowledge and experience
  • Have a context for productive reflection on their own career and professional practice
  • Acquire enhanced interpersonal skills and management ability

Key details

  • Students are responsible for taking the lead in initiating contact and setting up meetings
  • Mentors are not expected to tutor students or provide personal counseling
  • Advice and support will be provided by the Faculty of ABP for both mentors and mentees, with resources available to assist in the process

Projected timeline

  1. Applications forms sent out to VIC ABP construction alumni (May 14). Applications open until June 7. For any questions, please contact ABP Alumni & Stakeholder Relations Coordinator Simon Elchlepp.
  2. Matching mentors and mentees (June).
  3. Confirmation emails of successful and unsuccessful matches are sent out to mentors and mentees (first week of July).
  4. Opening event with mentors and mentees (last week of July).
  5. Program runs during semester 2 2018 (July 30-October 19); mentors and mentees meet at least three time; both parties receive handouts and email reminders to help structure meetings.
  6. Closing celebration with mentors and mentees (November)

Further details