Lunch with Alumni

For those alumni looking for a more casual mentoring experience, our Faculty offers Lunch with Alumni, an innovative mentoring program that matches one alum with 2-3 students for a one-off lunch, held remotely via video call.

Please note that applications for the Lunch with Alumni have now closed for 2021.

Lunch with Alumni


The Faculty of ABP and the Built Industry Group student association would like to invite all ABP alumni under 35 with at least two years of relevant work experience to mentor our students as part of Lunch with Alumni - all during the course of one lunch break!

“ABP provided a unique initiative to give students a bridge into industry. It was wonderful to see students actively engage in the initiative and derive value from the interaction. One hour of your time goes a long way with future leaders.”

Elinor Moshe, Lunch with Alumni mentor

As an alum who has relatively recently transitioned to the workforce, you are in a unique position to provide highly relevant advice to students.

As a mentor, you would be grouped with up to three students who aspire to and are working towards your line of work, meeting them remotely via Zoom during your lunch break. These students will be encouraged to ask you any of their career-related questions, including those you might have really wished you could have asked someone back when you were a student!

“Honestly enjoyed being able to communicate with a mentor who could give me insight and perspective of work beyond University - I would love to see this happen again in the near future!”

Lunch with Alumni mentee


On any given date between Tuesday August 24 and Friday August 27, during lunchtime (11.30 am-2 pm), for at least one hour - you are free to choose the exact time slot. All our students have been provided with a Zoom account. Once you have lodged your application and have been allocated your mentees, all you need to do is send them an introductory email (we'll provide a template) and a Zoom meeting invite.

We very much invite our interstate and overseas alumni to participate in this initiative as well - please keep in mind that meetings will be held at lunchtime AEST (UTC+10:00).

Applications will open on Tuesday July 27 and close on Sunday August 8 - eligible alumni will be sent an email invite. We will announce matches in the week following the close of applications.

What questions might I be asked?

We will ensure that students will join these meetings with their questions prepared and ready to go. Students will commonly ask about your personal career experiences (i.e. How did you get your job? What made you interested in your current work?), personal development advice (i.e. How can I network? How can I best prepare for life after graduating?) and general industry information (i.e. What’s it like to work in a big/medium/small firm? What tasks do you do day-to-day?)

Please don’t hesitate to contact ABP Alumni & Stakeholder Relations Coordinator Simon Elchlepp ( in case you have any questions. Thank you for the support you are lending to our students.