Anoma Pieris

Anoma Pieris is an associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning. Her training is in architectural history and in geography with a specialist focus in postcolonial and subaltern studies methods as applied to the architecture of South and Southeast Asia; more specifically to Sri Lanka and Singapore. She has published widely on issues of nationalism, citizenship and sovereignty as viewed through the lens of architecture with a specialist interest in penal architecture from the colonial period to the Pacific War. Her publications related to these topics include Architecture and Nationalism in Sri Lanka: The trouser under the cloth (Routledge 2012), Hidden Hands and Divided Landscapes: a penal history of Singapore's plural society (University of Hawaii Press 2009) and the forthcoming book Sovereignty, Space and Civil War in Sri Lanka (2018). Anoma is a recipient of an ARC Future Fellowship for the project Temporal Cities, Provisional Citizens: Architectures of Internment (2015-2018) which examines prisoner of war and internment architecture across the Pacific Basin during World War II. This research examines wartime transformations as a series of border conflicts in a global history of regional change.


2018         Pieris, A. Space, Sovereignty and Civil War in Sri Lanka: Porous Nation (Routledge ASAA Book Series) [under contract forthcoming in 2018].

Book chapters

2018           Pieris,A. “Thinking Beyond the Nation: Repositioning national and regional identities through architectural discourse” in Questions in Southeast Asia’s Architecture/Southeast Asia’s Architecture in Question by Jiat-Hwee Chang et. al. (Singapore: National University of Singapore Press)

2018           Pieris, A. “Displacement, labor and incarceration: a mid-twentieth century genealogy of camps” Chap. 30, 413-28 in F. Karim and F. Ferdous (eds) Routledge Handbook of Socially Engaged Architecture (London; New York: Routledge).

2018           Pieris,A. and Murray, G.  “A Treaty Needs a House. Emplacing First Peoples’ Priori Rights in Wurundjeri Country Metropolitan Melbourne” in E. Grant and K. Greenop, A. Refiti and D. Glenn (eds), The Handbook of Indigenous Architecture (Singapore: Springer Scientific Publishing).

2017         Pieris, A. “Secret Histories of the Colonial City: Penang Viewed through the 1867 Riots” Chap. 7, 203–233, in P, Zabielskis, Yeoh S. G. & K. Fatland (eds), Penang and Its Networks of Knowledge (Penang: Areca Books).

2017         Pieris, A. “Indigenising cosmopolitanism: shifting metropolitan subjectivities in 20th century Colombo,” Chap. 8, 179-206 in C. Stolte and Y. Kikuchi (eds) Eurasian Encounters: Intellectual and Cultural Exchanges, 1900-1950 (Leiden: International Institute for Asian Studies).

Journal articles

2017          Pieris,A. “Dwelling in Ruins: Affective Materialities of the Sri Lankan Civil War” in Journal of Architecture 22:6, 1001-1020.

2017         Horiuchi , L. and Pieris, A. (equal weightage) Temporal Cities: Commemoration at Manzanar,   California and Cowra, Australia, Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas 3, 292-321.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

2017                Pieris, A. “Internment Homes as Material Texts: The Architecture of Canada’s New Denver Internment Camp” in G. Hartoonian and J. Ting,QUOTATION, Proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand 561-572.

Book Reviews and Encyclopedia

2017         Pieris, A. Book review: “Architecture and Climate”. Review of Jiat-Hwee Chang, A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture: Colonial networks, nature and technoscience (Routledge: Abingdon, Oxon and New York, 2016), Journal of Post Colonial Studies.

2017         Pieris, A. Book review: People creating space. Review of Nihal Perera, People’s Spaces: coping, familiarizing, creating, Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon and New York, 2016. Journal of Post Colonial Studies, 20:4, 522-24.