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Internship Opportunities


Choose an elective internship subject for credit and get ‘real’ work experience during your degree:

Master of Urban Design,
Master of Urban Planning,
Master of Landscape Architecture:
Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage:Master of Property:
ABPL90307 MSD Vocational PlacementABPL90360 MUCH Heritage Industry InternshipABPL90364 Property Industry Internship


Step 1.

For the subject ABPL90307 MSD VP, please ensure you have completed 100 credit points of graduate study.


Step 2.

Please complete the MSD Vocational Placement Checklist with your academic supervisor and send a copy to



Step 3.

Please complete and submit the Vocational Placement Risk Assessment form below



Step 4. *

The faculty will use the information from this form to draw up a Vocational Placement Letter Agreement, the legal agreement between the University of Melbourne and the Host Organisation.

*NB This step is for the faculty to complete, the student does not need to do anything until it is time to sign the Student Deed below).


Step 5.

You may be asked to sign a Student Deed, which is the second part of the Letter Agreement. 

The Student Deed MUST be signed and returned to before the internship commences.  


Step 6.

Once all of the above steps have been completed, you will be able to be enrolled in the vocational placement or industry internship subject relevant to your area of study.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are enrolled in a timely manner in the correct subject for the semester of your choice.


Step 7.

Please email with any questions or to arrange a meeting for further discussion.



Current opportunities

Landscape Architecture Summer Internship 2017 NYC

Previous opportunities

Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health January 2017

  • Voluntary student placement (Health Architecture)
  • Vocational research placement (Health Architecture)

Volunteer with the Heart Foundation for credit


Tract Consultants