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COVID-19 Products

The Fab Lab is an advanced digital fabrication workshop offering a range of commercial fabrication services including professional CNC routing, laser cutting, and 3D printing in a range of materials. The Fab Lab machines are operated by trained technicians who will guide you through the entirety of the fabrication process.

Our services range from offering 3D computer modelling and rendering, file to fabrication production, model making and custom products, along with a new range specifically engineered towards the COVID-19 emergency response.

Opening Hours:

Currently closed to onsite visitors due to COVID-19 restrictions, however still offering contactless delivery services

Our Services

COVID-19 Products

The Fab Lab team have been developing a range of COVID-19 response products for both commercial workspace environments and personal use in accordance with government safety regulations.

These products can be adjusted for varied spaces and uses.


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3D Modelling and Rendering

At the Fab Lab we offer architectural and product renderings services, providing in-depth views, realistic interior & exterior renders of residential & commercial properties, 360-degree panoramic views, virtual walkthroughs, and  floor plan designs. We also offer mechanical CAD with Rhinoceros and Grasshopper software to facilitate production solutions.

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Model Making Fabrication

At the Fab Lab our model-making technicians combine innovative digital technology with traditional model making techniques to facilitate the fabrication of standard technical components, working prototypes and finished, full-size display models.

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Custom Design Fabrication

Working with a wide variety of materials and digital fabrication techniques, we are able to facilitate the fabrication of your resolved design, or develop your ideas into a physical object from small to scale models, industrial design and furniture prototypes to full scale art installations and pavilions.

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Fab Lab Materials

If you require a material not listed, please enquire to see if it can be processed within our facility.

  • CNC Router
    • Plywood
    • MDF
    • Hard Wood
    • XPS Extruded Polystyrene
    • Styrodur
    • Polystyrene H Grade
    • Aluminium
    • Aluplas Gloss
    • Alucobond
    • Perspex
    • Renshape
    • Melamine
  • Metal Laser Cutter
    • Mild Steel Sheet and Pipe
    • Stainless Steel Sheet and Pipe
    • Brass Sheets
  • Laser Cutter
    • Ivory Card
    • Optix Card
    • Mountboard
    • Boxboard
    • MDF
    • Plywood
    • Perspex
    • Polypropylene
  • 3D Printing
    • Resin - Stereolithograph (SLA)
    • Gypsum Powder and binder
    • Ink Jet colour
    • HP 3D High Reusability CB PA 12 (Thermoplastic)

Pricing and Requirements

  • CNC Router

    File Setup (1 hours minimum): $90/hour

    Machine Run time: $90/hour

    Technician Assembly Time: $1 per cm3

    File requirements: 3D Rhino file


    • 3-axis MultiCam SR2412vi
      • 2440x1220mm 3-axis CNC router
    • 4-axis Roland



  • Laser Cutters

    File Setup (15 minutes minimum): $90/hour

    Machine Run time: $75/hour

    Technician Assembly Time: $90/hour

    File requirements: 2D Rhino or illustrator file


    • Regular 2-axis Laser - Epilog Laser Fusion M2 40

        900x600mm and 1200x900mm

    • Metal Laser - Kern LC50 LaserCell
      • 1220x1220mm



  • 3D Powder Printers

    File Setup (3 hours minimum): $90/hour

    Machine Run time: $1 per cm3

    Technician Assembly Time: $90/hour

    File requirements: 3D  Rhino file


    • Project 660
    • FormLabs Form3
    • HP Jet Fusion 300/500 Color 3D Printer


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