Forbo Model Making Space

What is the Forbo Model Making Space?

The Forbo Model Making Space is a large space designed for students to assemble and create architectural models and prototypes. The space also provides storage for models and materials, and access to tools such as hot wire foam cutters and hand tools. The space is located adjacent to the Laser Cutting, 3D printing and CNC facilities, the Machine Workshop, and the Robotics Lab. Students are welcome to utilise the space as much as possible. Please make sure to clean up after yourself, store your models properly and follow the instructions detailed below.

Why use the Forbo Model Making Space?

This space can be used by all students who wish to create and assemble your models and designs. There are also a limited number of hand tools available in the Model Making Space which may be used by students who have completed a Level 01 Online Safety Induction. Hand tools from the Machine Workshop must not be used by students in the Model Making Space, and students must complete their Level 02 Safety Induction to access the Machine Workshop. Hand tools and PPE must not be taken out of the Model Making Space.

You can also make use of the Baldwin Spencer Makerspace if the Forbo Model Making space is full.


To use this space during business hours you must complete the following:

To use this space after hours you must complete the following:

When you have completed these requirements you can be granted after hours swipe access to the Forbo Model Making Space. This access will be provided via your student or staff card. Please allow a few days after completing the requirements for your access to be provided via your card.

Advance hand tools, such as cordless drills and saws are available during business hours if you complete the Level 02 Safety Induction. You will require:

Important rules

  • You are required to clean up and put things away after use
  • You must carefully store models underneath benches with a model label card attached
  • Model label cards are located next to the entry to the Forbo Model Making Space
  • Models that are not labeled will be thrown away
  • Models that are not stored correctly will be thrown away
  • No scrap materials is to be stored underneath benches
  • Food and drink must not be consumed anywhere in FabLab, including in the Forbo Model Making Space
  • If you are injured please seek the assistance of Fablab staff.


When can I access the Forbo Model Making Space?

Students who have completed the Level 01 Safety Induction will have access to the Forbo Model Making Space with their student card from 7am - 11pm. Students who have not completed the Level 01 Safety Induction must not enter the Forbo Model Making Space, please do not open the door for anyone after hours. If they do not have swipe access they are not allowed to use the space.

What materials can I use in the Forbo Model Making Space?

A full list of materials you can use in the Forbo Model Making Space can be found in the materials page. You can not use wet materials such as concrete and plaster in the Forbo Model Making space. Wet and casting materials can be used in the Wetworks Room.

Can I sand in the Forbo Model Making Space?

No, sanding inside the Fabrication Workshop is done inside the Machine Workshop only with appropriate extraction. Sanding of MDF is not permitted anywhere in the Fabrication Workshop facilities.

Can I grab a hand tool from the Machine Workshop and use it in the Model Making Space?

No, any tools from the Machine Workshop are to be used exclusively in the Machine Workshop, unless otherwise authorized.

Can I store models on top of the tables and on the floor?

No, models stored on tables or the floor will be removed and discarded. Storage of models on the tables limits the amount of room for model making, while storage of models on the floor is hazardous to people moving around. An alternative storage options may be the Baldwin Spencer Makerspace as well as student locker facilities.

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