Sound Recording

If you require sound recording equipment please book the Book the Canon Video kit. This kit includes a range of sound recording technology.


There is no training for the use of a this equipment. Speak to Loans Desk staff if you require extra training surrounding individual items.


  • The ABP Loans Desk facilities are open to ABP faculty staff and students.
  • The Level 01: Online Safety Induction must be completed before you can book equipment.
  • For bookings longer than a day please talk to Loans Desk staff in person to arrange longer rentals.
  • All staff and students must bring a valid staff or student ID when collecting equipment.
  • All students must leave a valid student card with the ABP Loans Desk when collecting equipment for short term loans of up to 6 hrs. Student cards will be returned when the equipment is returned.
  • ABP Loans Desk staff reserve the right to withdraw borrowing or any other privilege from any person who has failed to observe the rules outlined in the Terms and Conditions.
  • Any staff or students using the service agree to comply with the rules governing the conduct and use of the ABP Loans Desk equipment as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.


There is no cost to students and staff for the use of the Camera Kits and Photography equipment however equipment returned late or damaged will result in a fine; this will be processed through UniCards system. Please read the terms and conditions for more information.


Can bookings be made for longer than a day?

Yes, but please talk with Loans Desk staff to organise longer bookings.

If I return the equipment late will I receive a fine?

Yes you will receive a fine if the item is returned late, no exceptions.

For long equipment loans a grace period of 15 minutes to allow students to return the items on time and not disadvantage others who have booked the item next.

Do I have to be a part of the ABP Faculty to make a booking?

Yes, only ABP staff and students can use the facilities.

What if I damage or lose the item?

For lost or damaged items please refer to Terms & Conditions

Can I renew a booking if I need the item for a longer period of time?

If the item is not already booked, you can re-book it through the MSD loans page.

Can I book the item for a friend?

If you book the item, you take full responsibility for the item and any damage that occurs.

Can a friend use the item while I have it booked?

If you book the item, you take full responsibility for the item and any damage that occurs.

Can I take the item off campus?

Some items are able to be taken off campus, please speak with the friendly staff at the Loans Desk for further information.

Is there any requirements before I book an item?

Yes, you must complete the  Level 01: Online Safety Induction before you are able to loan an item.

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