Terms and Conditions


  1. The ABP Loans Desk facilities are open to ABP faculty staff and students.
  2. All staff and students must bring a valid staff or student ID when collecting equipment.
  3. All students must leave a valid student card with the ABP Loans Desk when collecting equipment for short term loans of up to 6 hrs. Student cards will be returned when the equipment is returned.
  4. ABP Loans Desk staff reserve the right to withdraw borrowing or any other privilege from any person who has failed to observe the rules.
  5. Any staff or students using the service agree to comply with the Rules governing the conduct and use of the ABP Loans Desk.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Any person borrowing equipment from the ABP Loans Desk is responsible for the care of the equipment from the time the equipment leaves the ABP Loans Desk until all the equipment is returned.
  2. Any person using ABP equipment is liable for any loss of or damage to those materials which takes place while they are in his/her possession.
  3. He/she must report any loss or damage to the ABP Loans Desk staff and may be required to reimburse the faculty the cost of repair or replacement.
  4. All persons using ABP equipment should inspect them before use and report any damage immediately to a member of the ABP Loans Desk staff.

Opening Hours

  1. The ABP Loans Desk opening hours are 10am-5pm Mon-Fri.
  2. All equipment pickups must take place between 10am-4pm.
  3. All equipment returns must take place before 4:30pm.

Restrictions on Borrowing

  1. The ABP Loans Desk is available to ABP faculty staff and students.
  2. A loan limit of one Camera Kit per ] person applies.
  3. High Use Camera Kits are not to be taken out of the MSD Building.
  4. Online loans are limited to a max period of 6 hrs, any longer term loans (up to 7 days) must be arranged via email.
  5. All equipment must be returned by 4:30pm during business hours.

Overdue, damaged and lost equipment

  1. Overdue items will result in suspension of the student or staffs' borrowing privileges.
  2. Lost and/or damaged items will incur a replacement fee of up to the full RRP of the item in question.

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