Ex-Lab: Experimental Design Lab

ExLab: Experimental Design Lab is a Masters of Architecture class running weekly on Wednesdays in the NExT LAB. Students must be enrolled in ExLab to attend.

The Experimental Design Lab is an investigation into materials and process driven design. It suggests an alternative, “bottomup” approach to the conceptual process where experimentation and play with different machines and materials leads ultimately to the design of a functional item of furniture.

Ex-lab encourages playful experimentation & hacking of both traditional craft methodologies and contemporary digital fabrication equipment. Risk is encouraged, and a hard-earned failure is rewarded in parallel to successes. Many of those undertaking Ex-lab have trained for years to design, but have never made anything larger than an architectural model before.

Physical Experimentation lies at the core of the Ex-Lab pedagogy. Designers are encouraged to get out of sketchbooks and get their hands dirty. At the end of each project post lies a glimpse at the breakthroughs, the heartbreaks, the red herrings and the intense amount of labour that goes into the Ex-Lab process.

Photographed Project: Dancing Fools, Nese Zutso

Materials: Rigid Polyurethane Resin, Radiata Pine, 0.4mm Latex

The Studio is led by:

Jas Johnston

Director, Ample Architecture

Fabrication, Innovation & Technology Manager, Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne.

Adam Markowitz


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