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What are consultations?

Consultations provide the opportunity to receive one-on-one technical advice to help you use the technologies in the NExT Lab. These sessions may be used to get assistance setting up a complex 3D print file, help with advanced AR features or for advice with post production of your 3D prints.

The NExT Lab provides dedicated time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week during the semester for you to book a consultations. Consultations run for 25 minutes with a 5 minute break between sessions. Simply book a Consultation to get the help you need.

Why do I need a consultation?

We believe that designers will play a key role in shaping our future - harnessing, hacking and inventing technology. However when trying something new everyone gets stuck with frustrating little problems that could be quickly resolved by being able to ask someone who has done it before. This is what the consultations are for. So when you can't find the solution through other training Book a Consultation.

Book a consultation


The NExT Lab offers a range of training, including consultations, to help you learn how to use a range of technology. This training includes:

  1. Training Centre

    Video tutorials and guides to help you understand and use all the tech in the NExT Lab and the MSD Makerlabs.

    Training Centre

  2. Introductory Session

    Each week a range of introductory sessions are scheduled. Come along and learn about the fundamentals, such as how to setup and prepare VR files, software basics and how to submit a 3D print. No previous experience required.

    Book Session

  3. Expansion Session

    If you want to learn advanced techniques and processes to extend the possibilities of each technology, these are the sessions for you. Each week a range of sessions will be scheduled - each focusing on a particular technique or skill. You can come to one session or all to get a detailed understanding of the tech.

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  4. Consultation

    Book a consultation with the NExT Lab's experienced staff to get help with complex technical challenges specific to your project. Before making a booking, it is expected that you have completed the Introductory and Expansion sessions and attempted to resolve the problem independently.

    Book Consultation

For a full explanation of the training available see the Training Centre.


Consultations provide help with complex problems. Therefore before making a booking it is expected that you have completed the following:

  • Completed all of the relevant training documentation
  • Attended an introductory training seminar and/or a NExT lab drop-in session
  • Researched possible solutions yourself online
  • Attempted to resolve the issue yourself

If you have completed the above 4 suggestions please book a consultation. Our staff love to talk tech and fabrication and enjoy meeting people who share that same curiosity.


Consultations are free.

Frequently asked questions

When and where do consultations occur?

Consultations will take place at the NExT Lab, on the ground floor of the MSD building in the Andrew Lee King Fun Gallery. The time of your consultation will depend on the time you have booked in and will be run throughout the week during business hours. If you would like to book a consultation refer to the Training Center.

Can multiple people attend consultations?

Yes we encourage multiple people to attend the consultation.

Need enrolment assistance?

Stop 1 provides enrolment and other support to Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Environments and Melbourne School of Design students.