A Robotically 3D Printed stool from the Exlab class of S1 2018.

Semester 1, 2018

The robotically 3D printed stool, Melt.ING, explores the idea of the perfection of imperfection. This concept is interrogated through the use of a plastic 3D printer connected to a 6-axis robot arm. A machine that is renowned for precision and accuracy, yet can be programmed to also produced unexpected emergent outcomes. The trajectory of robotic arm was carefully choreographed to created droops, ripples and melting effect that are contrasted with the regular typical layers present in the stool.

The stool has been printed from raw PETG plastic pellets. A plastic that is durable and transparent. Different amounts of blue colour pellets were added to achieve a dynamic colour gradient.

The form of the stool, when viewed from the top, is defined by a winding curve reminiscent of coral. These curves create interlocking pieces, almost like puzzle joints, that allow the multiple pieces that the stool is composed of to be seamlessly joined into the singular form.

More info can be found at the ExLab Website:

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