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Making Architectural Identity: The Architecture of John Andrews

John Andrews is unique among Australian architects for having had major impact in both his homeland and in North America. His success in Canada and the US in large institutional and urban projects in the 1960s came before a series of key projects particularly in Canberra built his reputation in Australia. This project will examine Andrews’ work, its contexts, influence, and consequences, for the first time from both North American and Australian perspectives. It will develop knowledge on the architecture of a poorly understood transitional period; develop insights into how claims are made on architecture in the construction of national identity; and lead to new understanding of the contemporary globalization of architecture.


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Understanding the contemporary globalization
of architecture

Project Title

Making Architectural Identity: The Architecture of John Andrews

Major Sponsor

Australian Research Council

Research Partners

University of Melbourne
University of Queensland
University of Adelaide
University of Toronto
Boston University

Project Team

Prof Paul Walker (Uni Of Melb)
Dr Antony Moulis (Uni of QLD)
Prof Philip Goad (Uni of Melb)
Dr Peter Scriver (Uni of Adelaide)
A/Prof Mary Lobsinger (Uni of Toronto)
Asst Prof Paolo Scrivano (Boston Uni)


Prof Paul Walker