Bower makes top 10

The Bower Studio was highlighted by World Architects eMagazine as one of the top 10 design/ build programs making a difference.

The Bower Studio was highlighted by World Architects eMagazine as one of the top 10 design/ build programs making a difference by developing experience and skills in future architects, by contributing to local communities through their efforts, and by exploring the integral relationship between architectural design and building construction.

The Bower Studio, made up of a dedicated team of built experts led by Dr David O’Brien and MSD students from the Master of Architecture, works with Indigenous communities to help design and build culturally and environmentally appropriate housing.

David said, “Housing is a shared responsibility with Indigenous communities and support organisations, who must provide their own ‘sweat equity; to help plan, build, maintain and repair their homes.”

Since 2008, the Bower Studio have helped to design and construct houses, computer labs, an early childhood learning centre, community bathing facilities and community centres, alongside numerous partner communities both in Australia and internationally.

The studio sees students working alongside Indigenous community members to conceive of, design and build these structures.

David explained, “The studio introduces students to real world issues of inequality, race, poverty and marginalisation. We see students emerging as leaders in the disciplinary field with a strong philosophical and ethical basis for influencing future initiatives.”

Bower features in the world architect’s listing among leading University studios from the UK, America, South America, Europe and Asia.

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