Colombo Plan scholarships to send students to Shanghai

A new student exchange agreement with Tongji University, Shanghai, China was signed this month by the Dean of Faculty, Professor Julie Willis.

The agreement follows on from Faculty success in the most recent round of New Colombo Plan funding provided by the Australian Government. The Mobility Grants will support the launch of the new exchange agreement.

New Colombo Plan (NCP) Mobility Grants support undergraduate student mobility to the Indo-Pacific region with student grants between $3000 – $7000. The NCP program aims to:

  • Lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by increasing the number of Australian undergraduate students to study in the region
  • Deepen Australia’s people –to-people and institutional relationships with the region
  • Establish study in the Indo-Pacific as a rite of passage for Australian undergraduate students
  • Increase the number of work-ready Australian graduates with regional experience

In the 2017 funding round, preference was given to long-term projects, and 7 out of 8 of semester applications were funded. As a new exchange program, the My Asia | My Design: Semester in China program delivers on the objectives of the New Colombo Plan by supporting new opportunities for students in a major and location not available before. It is the only multiyear program funded this year, and the grants will support four students per year on semester programs, over the next three years.

Application information: Melbourne Global Mobility will be running information sessions at the start of 2017 for interested students.

The College of Architecture & Urban Planning (CAUP) ranks as one of the pre-eminent architecture schools in the world.

The University of Melbourne has been awarded the highest level of funding received so far under the New Colombo Plan. $616,550 will support 142 students to study abroad as part of 10 programs.

Dr Marcus White will also be leading a travelling studio to Tongji University in March 2017. This studio will be an intensive design studio focused on the rapid urban renewal, pedestrian connectivity and accessibility of Chinese cities.