Dean's Honours Awards celebrate undergraduate student achievements in 2017

The Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning celebrated the outstanding academic achievements of undergraduate students at the Dean's Honours Awards.

Undergraduate Dean's Honours Award recipients for 2017

Award recipients at the Undergraduate Dean's Honours Awards ceremony. Photo: Paul Philipson.

The awards recognised Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Environments students who placed in the top three per cent of their year in 2017.

A number of special awards were also presented to students for excellence in a particular area, made possible through the generosity of sponsors.

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning Professor Julie Willis congratulated the students on their dedication, drive and ability.

"Such outstanding results are a sign of hard work and determination," Professor Willis said.

"I encourage you to maintain this enthusiasm and drive as you approach any challenge in the future – I have no doubt you will go far."

Professor Alan March and Betty Chen present the William C W Chen Award to Annabelle Roper. Photo: Paul Philipson.

Dean's Honours List

  • Year 1

    Danyelle Bailey
    McCarne Bell
    Caleb Biffanti
    Jeremy Bonwick
    Melvin Dinata
    Elias Hanna
    Saran Kim
    Ethan Laurie
    Katherine Leeson
    Hong Zhec Lim
    Robyn Mackenzie
    Andrew MacKinnon
    Thomas Martiniello
    Ella Saberton
    Tiannan Sha
    Wanting Sun
    Ho Him Joshua Tsang
    James Urlini
    Katja Wagner
    Jefferson Widodo
    Claire Woodward
    Di Wu
    Xiaohan Wu
    Yuqin Wu

  • Year 2

    Margaret Allen
    Naba Alsaffar
    Junming Chen
    Sarah Cooley
    Jessica Edmeads
    Alexandra Fuller
    Jasmin Laurance
    Shaun Lee
    Jaqlin Lyon
    Nina Marshallsea
    Dominik Maschek
    Gabrielle Raz-Liebman
    Annabelle Roper
    Bethany Rote
    Kalinda Scheef
    Tianhong Shen
    Man Wa Jacquelin Tsui
    Melissa Shao Wei Woon
    Rui Xi
    Yanxing Zhang

  • Year 3

    Victoria Ainsworth
    Jessica Bell
    Alexander Biernacki
    Runil Nakinrao Ganoo
    Jasmin Goldberg
    Anwyn Hocking
    Zeb Kitchell
    Jingwen Eugene Kua
    Elliot Levi
    Janine Lyon
    Diana Sze Mei Ong
    Paul Summers
    Crystal Tang
    Eva Whyte
    Mika Zollner

    Jessica Bell received the Undergraduate Medal, awarded to the top performing student graduating from the undergraduate program.

Professor Alan March and Hugh O'Neill present the Hugh O'Neill Scholarship to Jingyi Zhang. Photo: Paul Philipson.

  • Sponsored prizes

    The DELWP Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship
    Cecilia King
    Lauren Murrant
    Noor Tal

    The AECOM Australia Prize for Urban Design and Landscape Architecture
    Crystal Tang

    The Neil Fraser Award for Indigenous Flora in Landscape Architecture
    Tao Wang

    The Australian Property Institute Undergraduate Student Award
    Lara Series

    The Jack Henderson Award
    Justin Baxter

    The Chartered Institute of Building Award (UG)
    Runil Nakinrao Ganoo

    The Australian Institute of Building Prize
    Runil Nakinrao Ganoo

    The Hugh O’Neill Scholarship
    Jingyi Zhang

    The Tarkett Positive Legacy Award
    Tet Wey Chen
    Ho Lam Jason Leung

    The William C W Chen Award
    Annabelle Roper

    The Nell Norris Scholarship
    Year 1 Claire Woodward
    Year 2 Jaqlin Lyon
    Year 3 Diana Sze Mei Ong