Focus on IWD: Fabienne Brown

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning is shining a light on the integral work and careers of a selection of our staff. Fabienne is a recruitment and marketing coordinator for the Bachelor of Design.

Fabienne in Italy
Tell us about one thing that inspires you to work at the Melbourne School of Design. 

When I was nearing the end of high-school, I desperately sought out someone who could help me navigate my first real adult juncture. Everyone was asking me what I was going to do next and I didn’t have the answers. Working in student recruitment for the MSD has allowed me to be that person for our prospective students. With nearly a decade of experience under my belt, I’m able to provide the information students need to make a weighted decision about their future studies. I give them options and pathways that can’t be easily deciphered off a website. In return, I have the privilege of witnessing a once confused student go on to do brilliant things. Each year I’m excited to welcome our next cohort of Design students, wondering how they’ll inspire me this time.

Who has been influential in guiding, supporting, or mentoring you? 

Since my first day at the University, my manager, Stephanie Morgan, has guided and encouraged me. I hit the manager jackpot! There are many ways she has supported me since that first day but the thing I am truly thankful for is having someone in the workplace who always makes me feel heard. I can’t think of a better way a manger can support their staff.

What is one piece of advice that you can share on how we can shape more inclusive workplaces? 

Say hello to people when you’re walking through the building! It’s easy to avert your eyes and scuttle in the opposite direction but a quick hello and a wave from a fellow staff member is always welcomed. The University is undergoing significant changes but it doesn’t mean the MSD community has to change with it.

Fabienne new card