Gridshell design studio learning now online

Online tutorials for the studio subject 'How Virtual Becomes Real' are now openly accessible.

A collection of Grasshopper Video tutorials on gridshell design, analysis and fabrication has been made available to the general public.

The tutorials were produced for the MSD Design Studio 'How Virtual Becomes Real' and supported by the Faculty “Strategic Initiative Funding”.

The new tutorials support students throughout semester activities focused on the definition of Grasshopper routines for design automation, surface discretisation, performing structural FEM analyses using Karamba and preparing parametric models for fabrication.

Content development: Alberto Pugnale and Alessandro Liuti.

Creative team: Alberto Pugnale and Stanislav Roudavski.
Studio leaders: Alberto Pugnale and Louis Gadd.

Download the support files

Watch the videos

These tutorials use Rhino 5 SR12, Grasshopper 0.9.0076, Karamba 1.1.0, Kangaroo 0.099 and FabTools 0.95.