2020 ICOMOS President’s Award

Congratulations to Master of Architecture alum Meher Bahl for receiving the 2020 ICOMOS Australia President’s Award.

The Faculty was delighted to learn Meher had received the award in the category of Heritage Professional Winner for her work in developing and managing the Building Technology Heritage Library Scanning Project, and for her work on the 3D digitisation of the Faculty’s Heritage Building Materials collection, gifted to the Faculty by Professor Miles Lewis AM FAHA

“I am beyond honoured and ecstatic to be receiving the Australia ICOMOS President’s Award 2020 for the Heritage Professional category. As an international student and now a fresh graduate, I had never thought in my wildest dreams that the work I stumbled upon would shape my career for the rest of my life” Meher quoted to APT Australasia.

Meher has also contributed significantly to the ongoing Building Materials Digitisation project at the ABP library, which has converted an assemblage of semi-derelict building materials and components via 3D digitization into a useful reference collection and valuable teaching aid.

"Meher’s innovative work in digital heritage reflects the developing expertise of academics, students and alumni through digital heritage research projects and new Masters and post-professional Microcert courses in digital archives and new tools for heritage and conservation. Meher also shared her knowledge with an international audience through her presentation  ‘Contemporary Architectural Archives’ at the ACAHUCH annual symposium  ‘AfterLife: the digital future of visual history archives’ in March 2020" said Professor Hannah Lewi, Co-Director ACAHUCH - The Australian Centre for Architectural History and Urban and Cultural Heritage.

Congratulations to Meher on her achievement!

Meher Bahl