MSD research excellence funded in ARC success

Professor Mark Burry, Professor Virginia Lee and Dr Stanislav Roudavski, and colleagues, have been awarded ARC Discovery funding, commencing in 2017.

Nave roof detail of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Image: Nave roof detail of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.

Their team that will explore whether quantitative methods of digital and parametric design can adequately encompass place. Quantitative digital and parametric approaches increasingly dominate contemporary architecture, but people assume architectural design should be essentially oriented to questions of place. The project will operate through a set of studio provocations based on the fictional places of Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast novels. The project is expected to clarify the nature of place and parametricism, and rethink what design itself might be.

Professor Burry will also lead a second funded project that will investigate and record the missing dimensions of Antoni Gaudí's theoretical position and his way of working. Gaudí (1852-1926) is one of the most important figures in world architecture and a major shaper of modern culture, but wrote nothing on his theory or practice of architecture. Given its holism, aesthetic, structural and artistic richness, this is a problem for scholars. Work to complete the Sagrada Família, a living laboratory of conspicuously innovative architecture, is entering its final stages with anticipated completion in 2026. This presents a last opportunity to capture, interpret and disseminate Gaudí’s thoughts and analects for dissemination to the next generation of architects.

To see the full range of outcomes visit the Australian Research Council website.


Place and parametricism: Provocations for the rethinking of design

Prof Mark Burry (Melbourne School of Design)
Professor Jeffery Malpas (University of Tasmania)
Dr Stanislav Roudavski (Melbourne School of Design)
Prof Mark Taylor (University of Newcastle)
Professor Virginia Lee (Melbourne School of Design)

The Analects of Antoni Gaudí

Prof Mark Burry (Melbourne School of Design)
Dr Jordi Faulí (Director, Sagrada Familia project)