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MSD Designer in Residence

University of Melbourne alumnus Adam Markowitz is completing a MSD Design Residency Read more

Building project is a powerful learning tool for students

One of the most powerful aspects of our new Faculty building will be its pedagogic value.

'By Design' talks Indigenous cultural sites

You've probably visited an indigenous cultural centre in country towns and remote areas of Australia. But a new research project asks why we don't have more in our cities.

Designing the Learning Environment

The University of Melbourne campus is home to many outstanding buildings and urban spaces, with features that have to be experieced to be appreciated.

Scholarship Sends MArch Student to Japan

Third year Master of Architecture student, Danielle Mileo, has been awarded the Prime Minister's Australia Asia Outgoing Postgraduate Scholarship.

The Power of Design

Dr. Milinda Pathiraja and Hannah Robertson, were awarded President’s medals at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

Holcim Awards: Supporting Sustainable Construction

The Holcim Awards is a global competition that recognizes innovative projects and future-oriented concepts on regional and international levels

Remembering George Tibbits on his 80th Birthday - A Celebration of his Life

The late George Tibbits was one of many colourful “renaissance” men to have worked at this Faculty over the years.

Susan Fainstein Speaks to UpClose

Susan Fainstein raises a number of interesting issues on urban planning in the states and internationally in this recorded interview.