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MSD Designer in Residence

University of Melbourne alumnus Adam Markowitz is completing a MSD Design Residency Read more

Melbourne School of Design wins fifteen major awards in first year

In its first year open to the public, the Melbourne School of Design has won fifteen major awards in design and construction.

Why don't more women work in construction?

In MSD media highlights this year, A/Prof Valerie Francis spoke on ABC 774 about women in the construction industry.

Learning for a new generation

From chalk and talk to open plan classrooms, how does teaching need to change when we disrupt the spatial layout?

Towards a new archive: MSD celebrates 50 years of Merchant Builders

The fifty-year legacy of the work of Merchant Builders has been the focus of a student-based research project and exhibition within the Melbourne School of Design.

MSD a national standout in ARC funding

Dr Andrew Saniga and Prof Philip Goad and colleagues have been awarded ARC Discovery funding, commencing in 2016.

Cathedral lessons for Melbourne’s future architects

Meet the ecclesiastical architect guiding future design students through one of Melbourne’s most historic buildings.

MSD drives resilient Melbourne

This week MSD made significant contributions to urban policy action, announcing a Chair of Resilient Cities and hosting a key Cities Roundtable.

VEIL envisions 2040 in award-winning film

Boxing Day 2040, a short film produced by Alexander Symes for VEIL’s Visions & Pathways 2040 project, was announced joint-winner of the Sydney Architecture Festival’s “Safe Shorts” film festival announced on Saturday night.