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Professor Mark Stevenson

Professor Mark Stevenson is an epidemiologist and Professor of Urban Transport and Public Health. Prior to this appointment, Prof Stevenson was Director of the Monash University Accident Research Centre, a leading transport safety research Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Prof Stevenson has a PhD (Distinction) from The University of Western Australia and a Master’s degree in Public Health from Curtin University and became a Fellow of the Australasian College of Road Safety in 2008. He is a National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia) Fellow, an Honorary Professor in the Peking University Health Science Centre, China, and an advisor for injury to the Director General of the World Health Organisation. Prof Stevenson has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles, books, book chapters and technical reports and procured more than $30 million in competitive research funding including funding from the NHMRC, ARC and the US National Institutes of Health.

Prof Stevenson has worked on numerous national and international projects that have directly influenced transport policy and worked with both Federal and State Governments in Australia and internationally. He has led many research groups and is internationally recognized in the field of transport safety and public health. He is currently developing a cross-disciplinary team at the University of Melbourne focused around urban design, transport and population health. In this unique role, which sits across 3 schools, namely, the Melbourne School of Design, Melbourne School of Engineering and the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Prof Stevenson will contribute to:

i. the scientific evidence associated with the interface between urban design, transport and population health

ii. initiatives and delivery of innovative, safe and sustainable transport  solutions

iii. translating the science to relevant urban, transport and health policies and practice and

iv. research training and leadership in the field.


Prof Stevenson currently leads the following large-scale studies:


Podcast: Let's get physical: Designing cities with our health in mind


Podcast: Are our cities making us sick?

Prof Mark Stevenson on ABC Radio National's Blueprint for Living program on how we can modify our cities to minimise our dependence on cars. Presented by Jonathon Green.

Listen via ABC Radio National.


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