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Omid Tourani

Omid is lecturer in Construction Management, at the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, University of Melbourne.

Having graduated at Bachelor level and worked in building and engineering overseas, Omid then moved to Australia to complete his studies. With a Masters in Engineering Structures and a Masters in Project Management from Melbourne University, he has been working in engineering consulting since 2011 whilst lecturing at their structures and construction course.

Omid is in the unique position of being a Project Management Consultant with an intimate knowledge of building structures and design efficiencies which enables him to teach construction technology and transfer his knowledge to his students at any given level. He has been involved in various subjects at ABP and Engineering Faculties such as: Constructing Environments, Residential Structures and Construction, Concrete Structures and Construction, Construction Law, Construction Studies, Structural Theory and Design, Engineering Materials, and high-rise Structures. Omid is now coordinating undergraduate and postgraduate subjects such as: Structural Environments, Structures and Construction Systems, and Commercial Construction.