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Print & Bind


Toshiba e-Studio 4540c, Colorwave 600 (Plotter 1),
Colorwave 700 (Plotter 2 & 3) and Rexel CB1150 Binding Machine
Print & Media Hub (Room 127)


The Print & Media Hub facilitates the production of printed material within the Melbourne School of Design. This covers day-to-day printing requirements all the way to full-colour banner printing of presentations.

Paper Size
Colorwave 600
Plotter 1
Colourwave 700
Plotter 2
Colourwave 700
Plotter 3
210 x 297 mm
B&W: $0.10
Col: $0.25
B&W: $0.20
Col: $0.50
297 x 420 mm
B&W: $0.20
Col: $0.50
B&W: $0.40
Col: $1.00
420 x 594 mm
--B&W: $1.50
Col: $2.50
B&W: $1.50
Col: $2.50
B&W: $4.00
Col: $7.50
594 x 841 mm
--B&W: $2.00
Col: $5.00
B&W: $2.00
Col: $5.00
B&W: $8.00
Col: $15.00
841 x 1189 mm
--B&W: $2.50
Col: $10.00
B&W: $2.50
Col: $10.00
B&W: $12.00
Col: $30.00


Please note that the price is correct as of 14 Oct 2016. Check Unicard Website for future updates on Toshiba Standard prices.

Operation Instructions

  • Before printing read the Print & Media Guidelines.
  • Set the file up as a PDF, flatten the PDF and compress the file by following the steps in the Print & Media Guidelines and/or watching the video tutorials.
  • Set the print settings and make sure the right printer name is selected from the drop down menu.
  • Send the print the job from any MSD computer.
  • Release your job directly from the print release station at the Print & Media Hub.

Workmanship Considerations

  • Printing can be very expensive so make sure to read the Print & Media Guidelines, check your file for any errors and confirm your print settings prior to sending off your file.
  • To minimise the risk of errors with the machines please send all files as PDF.
  • The printers work best with smaller files so it is best to minimise file size as much as possible prior to sending off your file. Files that are not flattened in PDF format and/or are larger than 150MB in size may take a long time to print or may not print at all.


Rexel CB1150 Binding Machine
Print & Media Hub (Room 127)

Video of Operation

Operation Instructions