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Print Refund Guide

Students Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the student to check the status of the printer before releasing the job from the release terminal, and to read any “Warning of Fault” notices present at the release computers or machines. Issues can be identified by checking the display screen on each machine. If a flashing red light exists, or an error message is shown on the screen, do not release your job.

Important: Just check the warning lights, do not touch the buttons or attempt to fix any issues. Please notify Fabrication Workshop staff of any issues.

It is the responsibility of the student to familiarise themselves with the printers by reading the guidelines available on the Print & Media Hub webpage These guidelines provide detailed explanations on how to print. Assistance will only be offered to students who have issues not raised in the guidelines.

Refund link can be accessed through here:

Eligibility for Refund

Refunds will only be issued in situations where machine error can be determined. Issues determined to be the result of human error will not be eligible for a refund.

Circumstances where a refund will be issued:

A fault exists with the hardware (printer)

  • Refunds can be issued in circumstances in which a fault is evident due to a problem with the print hardware and in which this fault has not been caused by the student. Students can avoid this by checking the machine for error lights/messages before releasing their job.
  • If students release jobs after the “Out of Order” notices have been posted a refund will not be granted.

Quality of the output is affected by a machine issue

  • Occasionally, the quality of the print output is impacted by an issue with the machine. This can be identified by faded colour, streak lines or other marks not present in the digital file.
  • To claim a refund for an affected print, submit a refund request on the Unicard website. Please include the time and document name (as shown in the refund request form), and your username.

Note: Due to the delay that often occurs in fixing such issues, staff will place a “Warning of Fault” notice at the release station within the print room advising students of the fault. The fault notice will state the date and time of fault. Refunds will not be issued if you release your job after the logged date and time of fault.

Circumstances where a refund will not be issued:

Incorrect file settings prevent the job from printing

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the files that they are sending to the printer are:

  • PDF files only (no psd, ill, ind, jpeg, doc, exc or other format)
  • Flattened to reduce file size, print time and prevent processing issues
  • At the correct page size/ dimension/ scale.
  • Have no corrupt data or other issues which may impact on outcome of print

Action: Check your files are setup in accordance with the Print Room Guidelines and the selected print settings are correct before processing the print.

Incorrect printer / print settings selected

  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the printer / print settings that they have selected are correct and in accordance with the Print Room Guidelines prior to release. Most importantly, that the correct colour/grayscale options have been selected and that the price reflects these settings. Once released, these settings are irreversible, and payment will be accepted as final.

Action: Check your print settings carefully before processing the print.

Imperfect colour calibration

  • It is not possible to provide accurate colour calibration and colour matching. This is due to the number and variety of devices that output to these printers. Colour variation may exist, most notably with black settings.

Action: To ensure best possible print outcome, students are advised to use default CMYK colour settings and print a draft where possible.

Change of mind

  • At the point that a job is paid for and released from the release system, that payment is accepted as final, regardless of whether the student wishes to or even succeeds in having the output cancelled. It is the responsibility of the student to check print pricing, job settings, output device chosen and queue length prior to releasing a job.