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Protective Equipments

Forbo Model Making Space (Room G12)
Level 01 - Fabrication Workshop Safety Induction


The Fabrication Workshop has an assortment of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available for students working in the fabrication workshop including gloves, goggles, dust masks, safety boots and hearing protection. PPE is a requirement for all areas of the machine workshop and for many of the other tools and equipment such as the 3D printers and spray booth. They are located in the Forbo Model Making Space (G12) within the cabinetry adjacent to the CNC machine room.

Video of Operation

Health and Safety

  • PPE must be worn in the machine workshop at all times and in any other spaces, tools or equipment that have been identified to pose risk and/or injury.
  • Equipment/spaces that require PPE are typically indicated through the blue and white PPE signs. Students must obey all signs that indicate requirements for PPE.
  • All PPE must be worn correctly and be properly fitted whenever used.

Operation Instructions

Dust masks
Fit by sliding up face over your nose. Ensure tight fit across bridge of nose by manipulating metal fitting aid. Ensure no air gaps around mask paying particular attention to nose bridge and bottom of mask under chin. Beards and facial hair will reduce effectiveness of mask.

Choose appropriate glove for task i.e. cut resistant glove for cutting, hammering, scraping tasks etc. nitrile or latex gloves for handling chemicals. Ensure appropriate size is selected to fit hands. Wrong size can cause loss of dexterity and cause OHS risk of entanglement.

Safety Glasses
Select standard safety glass or over spectacle safety glass if required. Ensure safety glass fit correctly and will not fall off.

Ear Muffs
Wipe down ear muffs with anti-bacterial wipes before use. Adjust ear muff size to fit as needed.

Safety Boots
Ensure appropriate size is selected to fit comfortably. Ensure shoes are not damaged or in worn condition. Tie up laces tightly and comfortably.