Veggie Patch

Plug-in-and-grow urban agriculture – food production for inner-city dwellers.

Imagine receiving a delivery that contained your veggie garden. Put it out on the balcony or the roof, assemble the structure, hook up the embedded irrigation system and drop the seed cards into the soil. Put the tap on a timer and leave it to grow.

The Veggie Patch is unique because it is modular, provides all its own necessary structure and requires no expertise to set up. It requires management, but the initial hurdle of lack of knowledge is taken care of. The raised beds make the garden easier to manage, and the density of the system means that it has a small footprint, suitable for restricted innercity space. It can be disassembled for moving and has no impact on the surrounding structure, making it appropriate for renters.

This is an enabling technology, easing the shift to sustainable behaviour for a market generally unable to engage on a food production level with their own needs and environment.

This design was a 2008 Premier’s Design Mark recipient.


Joanne Szczepanska


Industrial Design


Industrial Design

Studio Leader

Mark Richardson