Mobility Net

Increasing community sociability through integrated transport systems.

Mobility Net proposes a new mobility scheme that encourages local social activity by connecting activities within Hastings. This simple integrated transport system for Hastings aims to increase sociability amongst residents and offer new connections to nearby townships. Incorporating walking paths, bike paths and a Kombi bus schedule, the routes intersect with the both the Production Net and the Waste Net and allow for an efficient way for people, materials and produce to be moved around the neighborhoods. The more mobile residents can use bike sharing stations, bicycle lockers and bike repair workshops to increase their cycling capacity. For less mobile residents, bike-taxis and (fuel-converted) Kombi buses travel beside existing bus routes to service narrower roads, low-speed pedestrian and other areas in between the major arterials. Mobility Net integrates with Production Net, incorporating an agricultural products station. Goods can be shipped in and out of Hastings by rail and trikes are used by residents to move produce locally, through the town and between community gardens.

Many of Hastings’ pathways are unsealed, making walking hard for the elderly population. Public transport operates sparsely and sporadically, and options for movement and destinations are limited. Community participation for many residents is already reduced and could deteriorate further when car-use becomes restricted.


Daniel Ugalde de la Vega




Tactics & Strategies

Studio Leader

Melanie Dodd