Recreation Net

New and old structures combine to enable recreation and community activity.

The Recreation Net proposes a new and consolidated recreational infrastructure in Hastings.  Its purpose is to increase involvement and activity in these areas, including at night, and offer resources for young people who might otherwise be bored and restless.

Combining infrastructure and sustainable practice creates a local place able to be used for many community activities. This redeveloped space encourages an active and socially connected community whilst offering a platform for a variety of youth activities. The flexible system adapts to changes in environmental conditions – the area is close to sea level and near the shore, and so the design responds to current and future conditions. Raised walkways keep people above new water levels, and portable structures can be easily moved to higher ground. Increasing hotter days mean that shade in parks and open recreational areas will be important. Light shading structures offer some respite whilst also supporting power collection.  Underground tanks provide for distributed water storage on a large / public scale (cf. Melbourne as Catchment). Recreation Net’s simple systems allow extended daily and seasonal use of the public space, and the permanent and temporary structures combine to increase its vibrancy and adaptability.


Giulio Sampaoli & Vanni Meozzi




Tactics & Strategies

Studio Leader

Melanie Dodd