Visualising Networked Neighbourhoods

Creating resilient waste free ‘ecologically sustainable’ human systems.

The concept of sustainability is frequently linked to the limiting or regulation of human activities which we enjoy, aspire to, or find difficulty in imaging doing without (the consumption of material goods, imported foods, driving fast cars etc). Reducing consumption of resource-intensive material goods is an obvious necessity, but can this ‘Big stick’ approach to sustainability really help encourage an engaged society, one which is able, and more importantly motivated, to create positive environmental change on a massive scale?  Opposing the ‘Big stick’ approach is the ‘Carrot’ approach. Here individuals are creatively engaged, not through limiting but expanding visions, through understanding and finding inspiration in natural systems, and learning from these to create resilient waste free ‘ecologically sustainable’ human systems.  This studio was undertaken by 1st and 2nd year Industrial Design students at RMIT in 2007.


The Pre-Emptive Lifestyle-shifting Neighbourhood

Studio Leader

Stephen Mushin