The Ocean BikePath

Imagine light flowing like waves as riders travel along…

This first-year design is based around the evolution of the importance of CERES in Melbourne’s community.  It is another example of combining established knowledge such as agriculture with enabling technologies such as low-emission energy harvesting and storage.

Currently the CERES park is only open during daylight hours.  Wong Ngo Bun has designed a bike path that is lit at night using LEDs and solar panels.  The path is only lit when and where it is in use, so that the light travels with the rider.  In some of the sketches for this project, a scenario is proposed which has the CERES community active at night with markets and social events, with participants able to “see” the passage of riders along the surrounding bike path.


Wong Ngo Bun


Industrial Design


Visualising Networked Neighbourhoods

Studio Leader

Stephen Mushin

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